With a simple single click and without page abandonment, find the required word in inline frame. The mentioned extension helps you find explanations of words and/or phrases quickly in a clean inline frame. The explanations are taken from Wiktionary, but are pre-processed to reduce formatting and speed up the search. By holding down the modifier key (Alt for Windows, Command for Mac, Ctrl for Linux), make a double click or choose any word to find it – an inline window opens with a dictionary entry for that word, that can usually contain examples, audio pronunciation and synonyms. You can also seek for manually entered inquiries using a shortcut that shows a small request form. Notes:

  1. Upon installation, the pages you have preciously started will not work for searching – you need to update them, thus the problem is solved.
  2. On Chrome extension gallery pages, search (or any extension on the page) is not allowed for security reasons.
  3. The given extension does not add an icon to the toolbar.